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Goodbye 2015

This has been a bitter sweet year for me and my family. There are great lessons I take away from this year that I want to reflect on in this post. In 2015 my family and I had great experiences … Continue reading

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Go ahead and do it even if it scares you

 I have talked about conferencing and its benefits before and today I have more to say about that part of the PhD life again. I know I titled this post Do something that scares you because conferencing is one of those … Continue reading

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Hindsight always has so much wisdom

We always look back at decisions we made in the past with great wisdom. We think I should have  or shouldn’t have done that. I used to look back at the shy teenager I was and wish I had been … Continue reading

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I just signed up for #acwrimo2015

Its that time of the year again, before the year ends and academics try to push themselves to greater productivity. I must say I haven’t had the best experience with acwrimo in previous years and have been dismally embarrassed at … Continue reading

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Don’t give up!

Don’t give up Don’t allow the dream to die Don’t lift your hands up in surrender The vision is for an appointed time It will speak and not lie Lift up your eyes Take a step back Look at how far … Continue reading

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The magic finish line called PhD Submission!

I feel like I have been at this PhD thing for too long. Like a pregnancy after thirty-six weeks, looking forward to meeting your baby, but hating feeling like a beached whale. I love the idea of contributing to knowledge … Continue reading

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What am I doing blogging?

I really should be using this time to write my PhD after all I don’t have much time before my deadline. I also have a life full of little boys I call sons that I love and want to spend … Continue reading

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The thing about death is that goodbyes are never easy

I don’t remember the last time I wrote here, but I have been away for a very good reason. I was in Denmark on a visiting scholar fellowship when I received the news that my dad had died. He was … Continue reading

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Dealing with uncertainty, writing my PhD thesis in 25 minute chunks

In my previous post I was talking about my love for twitter. One of the things I learnt from twitter was the Pomodoro method for productivity. Using the pomodoro has taught me valuable skills that I want to try and … Continue reading

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My love for twitter grows stronger each day!

Social media isn’t the first place one would turn to when thinking about work motivation and making progress in thesis writing. However I have found my most productive days have had a lot to do with my presence on twitter. I … Continue reading

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