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Zim Elections

I do not live in Zimbabwe I am one of those that left That lost hope Not in 1980 but in 2006 When even the NGO That paid me enough To pay more than just black tax But for my … Continue reading

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I am a woman

I am a woman I am me A woman with interests A warrior with battles A lover with passion A leader with goals A lion with a roar A human being with a  A life to live A war to … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe at 27 years

I hope you don’t mind my posting these poems here. I owe you a PhD update and I will be giving you one soon. Today however like the last two posts I am posting a poem I wrote a few … Continue reading

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I want hope

Today I am angry I am angry and sad Angry and sad at this world This world that I grew up in The world that taught me to fear and hate Fear and hate myself and be the other The … Continue reading

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Robert Bowen Ndlovu

3 February 1933- 1 July 2015   You lived to be 82 Though you spoke about living to a 100 You made a choice stuck to it As if to life itself A heritage you left us Towering above everything … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2015

This has been a bitter sweet year for me and my family. There are great lessons I take away from this year that I want to reflect on in this post. In 2015 my family and I had great experiences … Continue reading

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2015 in review

When I could hardly see because tears clouded my eyes your cheers kept me going because they told me I was in the right direction. Continue reading

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End of week one of 2015 #acwrimo

This post got lost in the mayhem of things as my November got out of hand. Better late than never I believe, so here are my thoughts at the end of the first week go #acwrimo 2015. One of the … Continue reading

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Go ahead and do it even if it scares you

 I have talked about conferencing and its benefits before and today I have more to say about that part of the PhD life again. I know I titled this post Do something that scares you because conferencing is one of those … Continue reading

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Hindsight always has so much wisdom

We always look back at decisions we made in the past with great wisdom. We think I should have  or shouldn’t have done that. I used to look back at the shy teenager I was and wish I had been … Continue reading

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