Zim Elections

I do not live in Zimbabwe

I am one of those that left

That lost hope

Not in 1980 but in 2006

When even the NGO

That paid me enough

To pay more than just black tax

But for my parents to forget

The pensions they sweated for

Before that inflation hit us

Before the dollarisation

New words they never bothered

To include in the curriculum

We had to learn as we went along

Zimbabweans you heroes 


I visit home now you see

The land of my birth

From a new home made for my children

One a Zimbabwean

The other a South African

All born by me and their Zimbabwean father

The land of my birth I visit

Every year for a week

Or just two days after a decade

To pay in Rands, Pula or USD

Get change in Pula, USD and Rands

Now you pay in Bonds, USD & Ecocash

I struggle

I was not there to learn with the

Zimbabweans those heroes


Yes I visit home

Not to vote no I didn’t

Vote hope surges through my veins

Painfully reminds me 

That night I stayed up

With my father 

The votes were counted

Counted counted counted

Results were announced

Just in time to crush us

That first time we all voted 

For Tsvangirai

They told us we hadn’t

We mourned in silence

No one dared to speak 

Afraid wailing and tears would gush out instead

Zimbabwean heroes we were


Going home in silence

To the cold embrace of a darkness

In the future we hoped for

My vote had counted

Towards many sharp stabbings

Shooting through my heart

As they celebrated the results

Of votes they said we cast

For that old man 

They removed in November

And those Zimbabwean heroes

Marched and danced

Thanked them for freedom

While tying their own hands

With the scarves they waved


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6 Responses to Zim Elections

  1. Nyari says:

    wow! Dudu. touching this.

  2. Kate says:

    Heroes in still vote and hope. Thank sis.

  3. Naomi says:

    Beautiful piece and touching Dudu

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