Robert Bowen Ndlovu

3 February 1933- 1 July 2015


You lived to be 82

Though you spoke about living to a 100

You made a choice stuck to it

As if to life itself

A heritage you left us

Towering above everything you were

Your faith stands testimony

To the choice you made to follow Jesus

Resolute about your faith

Unrelenting about your God


Today we honor your life

An amazing father A teacher

A great friend and husband

I will miss how you made her laugh

When I was younger you called

Old men with greying hair boys

Today I get older and see exactly

What you meant


You taught us so much

Seeing you read your bible

As if it was the latest thriller

Sharing God’s word and letting us share

A great leader you were to us


School was important

Non-negotiable for your children

A heritage I carry with pride

A teacher I am because of you

Lover of knowledge you taught me to be


You were here

And now you are there

You are here in our hearts

We carry you in the smile

A twitch to the side

Like the shy man you were

Never waiting for the applause

Always dancing to the beat in your heart

Never following the crowd always

True to the one who made you so


You were here

And always will be here

Because traces of your life

Scatter in our lives

Remnants of your love

Taint the fabric of our present

With that perfect hue

A color so perfect

For here and now

A rainbow up in the sky

Says it will all be alright

Because your faith stands tall

Towers over all else

A heritage you leave

The children of your loins

Blessed forevermore by the

Choices you made when you were here!



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2 Responses to Robert Bowen Ndlovu

  1. Precious Phiri says:

    This is so so beautiful 😭. He’s a witness of his genius in you 😊. Hugs my sis

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