End of week one of 2015 #acwrimo

This post got lost in the mayhem of things as my November got out of hand. Better late than never I believe, so here are my thoughts at the end of the first week go #acwrimo 2015.

One of the rules of #acwrimo is to discuss what is happening with the writing. So for my first week my undeclared goal was to write the difficult sections that I have found challenging in the methodology chapter in my thesis. I spent a great deal of my work time re-reading books and papers I have read and trying to make sense of what I initially found challenging. Well nothing has changed on that front I still find I am struggling with a lot of the theory but there are bits I am getting better at. So I have decided to just write after all this is all going to a first draft. It doesn’t have to be perfect I just need to have a document that can show my thought processes and which I can use to sharpen my arguments and finally submit in defence of my work in the not so distant future.

My first week has not been one of flying high and producing a lot of words but it has been a useful though mostly  slow process of writing. I am finding the writing stage of the PhD calls for a lot of emotional resilience and bravado. I have been presenting my work in different forums which itself is a brave thing to do but these have been small snippets of my thought processes. Now that I am writing the thesis I am finding I need, all the more, to clearly show where I stand and take a position. I am finding this requires a lot of bravery because it means opening myself to criticism and I need a willingness to defend my position.

I haven’t been good with participating in #acwrimo conversations on twitter, one thing I definitely know helps in boosting motivation. Perhaps this coming week I will be more intentional about this but only if it is helping me keep to my goals.

Have I found #acwrimo beneficial? I am a fulltime PhD student and should technically have all the time to write my thesis however life gets in the way all the time. Participating in #acwrimo so far has helped keep me focused and mindful of ways to measure my progress and keeping motivated. I have been more strict with myself regarding deadlines that I set for myself and usually end up ignoring. So I am glad I took the challenge despite my initial not so postitive experiences.



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