I just signed up for #acwrimo2015

Its that time of the year again, before the year ends and academics try to push themselves to greater productivity. I must say I haven’t had the best experience with acwrimo in previous years and have been dismally embarrassed at my failure to follow through with my publicly declared goals. As they say however you do not throw away the baby with the bathwater. So here I am signing up for #acwrimo2015.  Why would I try this again after failing previously? Well I love the idea of being part of a larger community all working towards similar goals. I also hope I will make some friends along the way, you never know what may come out of it.

To learn more about  the initiative you can read about it at Phd2published. Here is my summary of the rules of the #acwrimo game below:

  1. Decide on your academic writing goal
  2. Declare your goal by signing up here
  3. Define your strategy
  4. Discuss your progress
  5. Don’t slack off
  6. Declare your achievements

If I have learnt anything from previous attempts at acwrimo it is that I should not get stuck on my defined strategy but be flexible and to do what works and gets results. Secondly it is easy to slack off when the going gets tough. In previous years failing to declare my progress weighed heavily on me and hampered any further progress. So I am on the lookout for the pitfalls and here is to happy writing this November.  Overall I am looking at that due date phdbaby0a28gingerbreadman290aexpected0adateofarrival0a0amarch20160a28baloons29-default-3

    1. My goal for #acwrimo2015 is to finish off three thesis chapters that are currently at 50% done
    2. I have declared this goal by signing up through PhD2Published, and I am declaring my goals again with this post.
    3. I intend to work a minimum of five hours each day except for weekends, that is my overall strategy, the rest is to just write. I have already created folders with literature for each chapter. I have feedback on the work that I will be incorporating and the work is 50% done so it should be smooth sailing. All I need to do is to just sit down and write and read and write and write and write till I get to 100% and send off to the supervisor who hopefully will think it is good enough.
    4. I may declare my progress daily on social media but that is probably going to be on good days like this past Wednesday when I hit 3000 words in one sitting.

      I definitely celebrate those days, they are hard to come by and by taking the moment in you fill up your motivation bank. It will be useful on the not so good days to remember that it is possible.

      Expect some weekly reflections on my #acwrimo2015 on this blog. I will also probably link those reflections to my #hdrblog15 challenge. More about that challenge in another post.

    5. In my previous experience slacking off has been a result of getting bogged down with results over process. While the idea of #acwrimo is productivity the journey is equally worthwhile as the destination. I aim to be aware of the process of writing. I am measuring my progress in terms of the amount of time I spend on writing and not necessarily the number of words because the number of words doesn’t always reflect the work that has gone into producing them.
    6. I look forward to ending the month with some good news and reasons to #PhDance. phdance212121210a0a28note29-default

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2 Responses to I just signed up for #acwrimo2015

  1. Hooray! I’m looking forward to the #HDRblog15 challenge being part of your November #AcWriMo goals.


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