It’s a lonely place but thank you!

They say doing a PhD is a lonely journey. It’s the work you do that defines who you are as a scholar. It’s this big project that consumes your life for three whole years, but if you are like me it takes you five years. How do you survive the loneliness? Well, beginning of this month I was at a writing retreat and though it is said the PhD is a lonely process many surrounded me. Kind souls who read my work and steered me forward in my writing, motivating me to slay this dragon as I run towards the finish line.


Talking about being surrounded I want to thank you, yes you. For coming alongside and reading this blog. I began blogging because I thought I had something to say. Along the way I lost the plot and focused on how many were reading my posts and how good my blog stats were. Recently I have realised that this blog is about me. Giving voice to my experience, like so many others whose blogs I have followed and taken inspiration from as they complete their PhDs.

I have enjoyed Emma’s Blog for her clear documenting of her processes in her journey of research fieldwork and writing her thesis.  I have most enjoyed celebrating the triumphs along the way; the submission, in some cases the viva, the corrections and the graduation. I have also drawn comfort from identifying with the struggles and knowing I am not exceptional in my falling and rising. Jessplainsong’s deeply reflective writing about her PhD journey and its intertwining with her professional and personal life as a mother has helped me make sense of the human story to PhDing. I am grateful I could share in these and many other stories.

Screenshot 2015-10-21 10.44.21

So thank you for surrounding me with great energy and motivation. I recently checked my statistics, this time just for fun and not as a measure of how well I am doing as a blogger. In 2015, Candidphdtalk has had 540 views across 31 countries. It sounds pretty much unimpressive but I am honoured my musings have been viewed so widely. And can only hope they are helping someone somehow.

Once again thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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2 Responses to It’s a lonely place but thank you!

  1. Precious Phiri says:

    Let’s just say, you’re one of a kind! A blessed and awesome kind!

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