Half the battle is knowing who your enemy is! 

I’m no expect at warfare but I do know what it means to try and write a PhD thesis and mother a newborn or toddlers. So what am I doing talking about enemies and battles. Well sometimes it feels like my life is a battle. It’s a battle to get your mind to focus and get on with the thinking. It’s a battle  to get out of bed shower and get on with it.
 I have been very careful of the metaphors I use when talking about this process. You can check out this blog post here  if you want to know why. What you think matters more than you realize. I have found the words I say paint pictures in my head. The pictures in your head about what you are doing are important. I would much rather think of PhDing as a dance, the PhDance and its so much fun but sometimes it is a battle.
 So today I am talking about PhDing using the battle metaphor. I find on those days when everything seems to be a battle and I would rather spend the day scrolling through Pinterest. Knowing who my enemy is, is half the battle won. Best yet knowing WHY I am in the war-zone gives me the sharp focus I need to aim at the right target.
 28star2928star2928star290ayouarethestar0a28star290aofthisshow0a0a28star2928star2928star29-default-2WHY am I doing the PhD? This is about the dream. It’s about passion and never wanting to look back and wonder what could have been. Lately it’s also become about my children. Having recently said goodbye to my father. I am so aware of how much his life has made me who I am today. He was a teacher and lover of knowledge. He passed on his love for education to me. Better yet he made it possible for me to get an education. He lived his life well and was a good example to me.
I want to become the best I can ever be because I know someone else will reap the rewards in the future. I am selfishly pursuing my dream, loving and living my dream because everything I do matters. In ways that I cannot see today it matters. I am the star in this show and I want to make it count.

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