Don’t give up!

Don’t give up

Don’t allow the dream to die

Don’t lift your hands up in surrender

The vision is for an appointed time

It will speak and not lie

Lift up your eyes

Take a step back

Look at how far you have come

Count the steps you have walked

The miles you have run

See the fields ready for harvest

Open your ears

Hear the dream whisper

It’s all worth the toil

Hear the birds chirp in ululation

The crowds clap the end is near

The trees dance all in your honour

Close your eyes

Take a deep breath

See the finish line

It’s closer than you think

You made it through

Celebrate your achievement

Never give up


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2 Responses to Don’t give up!

  1. I can see why your friend put this on Instagram. Such a feel good and uplifting piece! Cant wait for the next one

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