What am I doing blogging?

I really should be using this time to write my PhD after all I don’t have much time before my deadline. I also have a life full of little boys I call sons that I love and want to spend some of this little time I have with. When I began blogging I had read all the other blogs and thought I want to blog just like they are. Present these well thought out ideas on how to do the PhD. I haven’t been successful in producing that kind of blog. I have broken the rules, messed up and put bluntly, failed dismally. At times I have been too ashamed to even show my face here, but I am still here, why? I have finally figured out what it takes, not to have a huge following, no I don’t have that. I have figured out what it takes to find benefit from blogging and dare I add, to enjoy it too. If its not enjoyable then what is the point? I know life isn’t about self -indulgence but why or why would I seek out pain. ifitsnotenjoyable0athenwhatisthepoint0a28unicorn29-default

So here it is my discovery is that its not about measuring up to the next or becoming a clone. We each have a niche, a place in this life and mine it turns out is to write this blog for myself. What am I doing blogging? I am taking care of the heart, reflecting, thinking out loud and baring my soul. I am finding relief in pondering on this little corner and maybe someone will read, may be not but blogging is not taking time away from my PhD writing, it is adding!

Take care of the heart

Take care of the heart

The centre that holds

 The ebbs and the peaks

It’s motion carries the life

It holds the wealth in the land

The wind to the sail of the dream

Take care of the heart

Its thud felt in every part

To the head pearls of sanity

The wisdom in the thought

Take care of the heart

It is oil to the wheels that screech

When life’s winds and punches blow

Take care of the heart

The life of the hand

The hand is the strength

The heart holds in the thump

It spreads in the flow

Of the blood in the vein

To the hand with the pen

The pen in the hand

Maps the treasure in the head

That maps the wisdom on the paper

So take care of the heart


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