If life were a play

I would write and direct

Never play the victim but hero

If life were a song

Loudest and longest I would sing

The happy notes and verses

If life were a painting

Boldest and brightest I would paint

The smiles and laugh lines

If life were a dance

Longest and gracefully I would gyrate

To the beat in my heart

If life were a drum

Hardest and loudest I would play the rhythm

That says I will do it over and over

Till I get it right

I found this poem I wrote in another life and it made sense to me today. Faced with feelings of inadequacy about my abilities to get up and get on with my PhD writing. I am thankful that young me once thought life was a play, a song, a painting, a dance and a rhythm. I am determined to find the song and rhythm in my PhD and dance. PhDance to the finish line. I have until December 2015 to make this happen and I have a plan.



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