Writing the PhD and travelling

I wrote last time about an upcoming trip and trying out the pomodoro to help me do some work on the long haul flight I was taking. I’m afraid I do not have good news. I did not at any point do any work be it reading or writing. I still do think however that the pomodoro technique could make for more productive use of travelling time but, yes there is a BUT. It will probably work best when travelling alone. I travelled with my family and this gave me little time to myself.

Secondly it would probably work if you prepare for your trip well in advance and have a good night’s sleep the night before you travel. I hardly slept the night before the trip as I received unexpected visitors during the day and had to do all my packing after 11pm when they left. Yes I probably should have told them to leave but seeing that I was going to be away for a month, I threw caution to the wind and enjoyed the company.

So after realizing that I hadn’t really slept much I gave up all plans to do any work on the flight and here I am still trying to get into work mode almost a week after arriving.

This is exactly what I was trying to say during the #acwri chat when I said

 Was I being too ambitious thinking about setting goals while travelling. I had imagined myself hitting the road running on arrival here. I should have given myself time to adjust to being in a new setting and acclimatising to the place.

So anyway, I arrived in Denmark on Monday 15 July for a four week scholar visit at Roskilde University. On Tuesday I was too tired to do any work and needed the day to set ourselves up at our new home and so Wednesday is the day I officially began working. I am feeling finally settled in and think I can now set in motion my plan for the rest of the three weeks I spend in Roskilde.

In line with my takeaway from the #acwri chat I have a goal which is to complete my methodology section for my thesis. I am breaking this down to daily tasks of writing 500 words or more each day. I am committing myself to working Monday to Friday from 9am -4pm. I am going to use Twitter to declare my goals for motivation and organize some #suaw sessions with a Facebook group of PhD moms & dads that I recently joined and love the vibe there. I also have my husband as an accountability partner to push me out of bed and get on with working. He is the one physically present person I have to help me get on with it. I can easily shut myself out of the online platforms and he is the back up.

I also plan to blog every Friday reflecting on how the writing is coming along. Here is to a month of good #progress one #pomodoro at a time. Racing to the #PhinisheD line without going insane.


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  1. buthondlovu says:

    Aim…focus….refocus. Fire!

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