My love for twitter grows stronger each day!

Social media isn’t the first place one would turn to when thinking about work motivation and making progress in thesis writing. However I have found my most productive days have had a lot to do with my presence on twitter. I am not going to rehash what I have read time and again especially around the #acwrimo in November. The benefits of declaring your goals and having some sort of accountability community to hold you to them. The same principle applies to having a shut up and write session which unfortunately I have not had one in my area. I have had the benefit of community during my PhD in the form of various reading groups I have been part of. I however haven’t had the benefit of belonging to a writing group. This is where twitter has come to my rescue. I have found a thriving academic community on twitter and for a long time was just lurking around, following the #phdchat conversations and many other academic conversations. Recently I have gained the confidence to contribute and found it very very beneficial.

In the month of May however I hit a wall with my writing and equally so my twitter presence was markedly reduced close to an absence actually. So while twitter is a great platform where I have found an awesome community of others busy writing their theses it is very easy to leave the space and its many benefits. In the month of May I had a lot of other things pulling my attention. I was trying to figure out a section of my thesis that I needed to read and think more about because I was figuring out what to write. So depending on where you stand, it could be an advantage to twitter that you can come and go as you please. You use it at your own pace. This could be a disadvantage if you really need to be motivated and you can easily stay away from your space of motivation.

To briefly sketch out my love for twitter during my thesis writing I have five points:

1. Thriving community to motivate you and sharing tips or literature such as #phdchat, #acwrimo

2. Useful writing tips learnt on twitter  such as the Pomodoro through following @thesiswhisperer@ThomsonPat and many others. I have especially enjoyed following other PhDeers journeys.

3. I can declare my goals and receive further motivation especially being part of  #phdchat #getyourmanuscriptout #junewritingchallenge

4. Meeting like minded people from across the globe

5. Its fun to be on social media and not feel guilty about work.

I have colleagues that have been put off twitter by bullies an experience I am glad I have not had. I have found twitter to be a very welcoming space. I have learnt so much on the platform that I will unreservedly recommend any research students to try it out.


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