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Writing the PhD and travelling

I wrote last time about an upcoming trip and trying out the pomodoro to help me do some work on the long haul flight I was taking. I’m afraid I do not have good news. I did not at any … Continue reading

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Dealing with uncertainty, writing my PhD thesis in 25 minute chunks

In my previous post I was talking about my love for twitter. One of the things I learnt from twitter was the Pomodoro method for productivity. Using the pomodoro has taught me valuable skills that I want to try and … Continue reading

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My love for twitter grows stronger each day!

Social media isn’t the first place one would turn to when thinking about work motivation and making progress in thesis writing. However I have found my most productive days have had a lot to do with my presence on twitter. I … Continue reading

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Am I making progress?

In my last post I started to think about how I measure my progress in the PhD and promised you a post of my musing on this. I also recently read this piece  on How to write a PhD in a … Continue reading

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