First week of #AcWriMo

So this is the end of my first week of #AcWriMo there have been highs and lows. Thank you for all the tweets and motivations to keep at it. Like I said in the first post my goal is not writing per say but reducing my data into identifiable narratives. Part of this work involves reducing some Youtube videos and that means working on the internet. This is the biggest challenge so far because I find I can easily slip from Youtube to Pinterest and when it gets boring to Facebook. I wish I had the willpower to stick to my Youtube only plan. Twitter is not a distraction much because I have kept it moderately professional so far. It never comes up as an option for when I cannot work.

Anyway Thursday night, after a waste of time on the above said social media, I decided to sneak into Twitter and then completely threw all caution to the wind and tweeted my epic fails. I am so glad I took the route of vulnerability because I received so much encouragement from people who could identity with how I felt, as well as people who just sent me well wishes. This was the best decision and another lesson learnt about vulnerability. I just cannot stop talking about Brene Brown’s TED talk on vulnerability. Let me not get into the power of vulnerability in this post and tell you about my intended change of plans going forward with my #AcWriMo goals.

I decided when I began that flexibility, a lot of reflection and openness to change were going to be pivotal if I was to succeed and after this first week, definite change is in order. So I have been trying to fit my 4hrs of #AcWriMo between 8am and 2pm while my son is at school. Sounds like a good plan at first glance but I find it difficult to tune into serious work mode after the 15min romp to drop son at school. So the plan going forward is to put in two hours work in the morning before the day officially starts with packing lunches and school runs. This is the easier of the two changes I want to focus on this coming week.

The second more difficult task is to work up enough motivation to stay off Pinterest and Facebook. I don’t intend to take drastic measures of disabling these accounts. My hope is to help myself get into good habits that I can sustain post the #AcWriMo. After all social media isn’t the ill but how and when we use it is the key issue. So maybe not disable but log out for the week and only log on the weekend. This means I will use time on social media as a reward for achieving my goals each week. Please do leave a comment or link up with me on twitter @mandlods. Thank you to all who have responded to my tweets this past week.


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