Blogging, the added pressure

When I started this blog I had been inspired by the many academic blogs I had found in my moment of need.  When I was faced with challenges in my writing blogs came to my rescue. When I just needed to know that someone else has shared in my experiences; this happens more often than I would like to admit. I read a lot about the impostor syndrome and how the PhD can be a lonely place.

The loneliness comes in all kinds of ways. It comes when you feel like no other PhD candidate has made the mistakes you are making. It comes when you think no other PhD candidate thinks about shopping as much as you do. Well until you bump into blogs by other PhD candidates unashamedly talking about the latest fashion fad and what outfits they are wearing. I follow so many blogs and each Saturday morning I spend an hour or two reading what my favourite academic bloggers have posted. I have found them really helpful and think to myself I shouldn’t just be gaining but should also be contributing.


So I started this blog, the initial excitement and momentum had me going but sometimes there is just so much to do I don’t get the time to sit and write a blog. So after my previous blog where I promised to blog regularly I am back with another resolution to blog without the pressure of a deadline. So many aspects of my life already have a lot of deadlines, I will leave this one with some flexibility. One thing the PhD journey has taught me is the value of flexibility. You know what this means if you have had your writing rhythm upset by the great conference you attended on a different timezone. So I am taking the blog off the not negotiable list. I am hoping this works out for a greater a more fun experience of blogging.



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