Conference Travel

I am setting off to the Americas for the Annual Seventh Feminist Theory Workshop hosted by the Women’s Studies Program at Duke University. Knowing myself all too well, I decided to make the plans early on and get back to work before the travel bug got me and I lost focus. Glad that worked out as planned and I completed all travel arrangements in December

I came across an advert for a graduate student travel award offered by the Women’s Studies Program from @joybundy on twitter. I applied and received the award in November. This is the first trip that I have been able to organize and sort all details three months in advance! Thank you to the Women’s Studies Program for approving the awards early. After applying and receiving the travel award in November I applied for a visa and received it in December and got back to the reality of finalizing my fieldwork plan and starting fieldwork in January.

The Conference couldn’t have come at a better time because I need that all important break and distance from my fieldwork. Glad to say that I have covered good ground and conducted some interesting and some not so interesting interviews. Fatigue was setting in and I was starting to do shoddy work. I am glad to be taking the break and a sixteen hour flight to Atlanta then to Durham for the workshop.

So I have a sixteen hour flight to get to a two day conference. To make the most of the sixteen hour flight my trip wont be all work and no play. I will take a well deserved break while in USA before another sixteen hour flight back to South Africa for more fieldwork. Expect a post about my experience at the conference and all the interesting people I am sure to meet.

I have found some very interesting tips about conference travel here. This is another two part series on navigating conferences that has been very useful in my preparation to attend the workshop.


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